Maths Mastery (Higher Achiever) Primary 3

This course is designed for those students who excel in our normal P3 course. Questions of higher level difficulty are given to students to further challenge their logical reasoning and mathematical concepts.

Questions would encompass the following areas:

  1. Whole numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of up to 3-digit numbers;
  2. Fractions such as recognizing and naming equivalent fractions, listing the first 8 equivalent fractions of a given fraction, comparing and ordering unlike fractions, etc.;
  3. Measurement such as measurement in compound units, conversion of a measurement in compound units to smaller units, and vice versa, etc., area and perimeter, measurement of the area in square units, square centimeters/ meters, etc.;
  4. Geometry such as angles (excluding the use of the terms 'acute', 'obtuse' and 'reflex' angles);
  5. Data Analysis such as bar graphs
Maths Mastery (Higher Achiever) Primary 3