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With the exam dates drawing near, it is time to prepare your child. As parents, we all want our children to be well prepared to excel in their subjects. To ensure that your child aces his or her SA1 papers, you have to read these 6 tips for effective exam preparation!


#1 Devise a study plan


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You know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning what to study during the weeks leading up to the exams ensures that your child allocates sufficient time to cover all the content tested in each chapter. Knowing that one has completed all required revision puts greater confidence in one’s self. So get your child to start drafting his or her study plan right now!


#2 Study effective notes


In one of the previous issues, we talked about 3 ways to make effective study notes. Remember to study these personal notes before the exams! Reviewing these engaging and creative notes helps reinforce your child’s knowledge in a fast and effective manner.


#3 Snack on “brain food” instead of unhealthy snacks



To help your child focus better during revision, you may allow their favourite junk food or snacks while studying. However appetising such food may be, they do little in maintaining your child’s energy and level of focus. Instead, give them some fruits, such as blueberries or nuts and yoghurt which are healthy snacks that promote concentration and memory.


#4 A comfortable environment



As mentioned in one of our previous articles, “How can I increase my child’s attention span?”, a comfortable study environment is paramount for a child to study effectively with minimal distractions. Always study in a bright room and keep the room ventilated and cool. Research has shown that people tend to focus better in a bright and well-ventilated room.


#5 Stay motivated during the study and exam period


Remember to take appropriate breaks by carefully structuring study and break times. A 5-minute break can be scheduled between every 20 to 30 minutes of studying. Studying without a break can be extremely draining on a child. Also, remember to use positive self-talk to stay motivated during the intensive exam period. Every child has the potential to shine!


#6 Health above all



Most importantly, take care of your child’s health during the exam period. No matter how hard your child studies, if he or she feels unwell, they are unable to sit for the exams. Remind them to hydrate constantly and get sufficient sleep. 8 hours of sleep is the optimal duration to obtain sufficient energy to face a new day.

We hope that these tips will be useful for your child’s exam preparation. AKLC wishes all students only the best for their exams! :)


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