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Since 1966, Singapore has adopted the bilingual policy; believing that it will help citizens capitalize on the strengths of both western and eastern economies.  It allows individuals to formulate their own cultural identity and become confident as a society.  This bilingual tradition is precious to Singapore.

Research has shown that while there is a keen interest in promoting the learning of Chinese, the non-alphabetic nature of the language has resulted in many learners facing substantial problems in mastering it. Statistics also show that Singaporean students, who have had intensive training in English from young, find it a challenge to learn Chinese. This is further compounded by the increased usage of English at home and the wholesale consumption of media in English.


Introducing the Chinese Mastery™ programme

The Chinese Mastery™ programme is specially designed to stimulate student interest in learning the Chinese Language and to develop effective reading and writing skills in order to excel in exams.

Unlike other Chinese tuition centres, the lessons are delivered through fun and interactive sessions, the Chinese Mastery™ programme will help to build students’ confidence level in using the language; increase their Chinese vocabulary and reduce the common mistakes made during tests and exams. While many centres adopt the “drilling” approach, we believe that in order for students to improve their Chinese language, they need to learn HOW to read and write.

This Chinese enrichment programme is designed to focus on helping students master the various reading and writing strategies so that they become more adept at understanding what they read and become more skilful in communicating their ideas through writing and speaking.


What will my child gain from Chinese Mastery™?

Through the Chinese Mastery™ programme, your children will:

  • Discover critical reading comprehension strategies to ensure effective comprehension
  • Learn fun and memorable techniques to improve their writing skills in class
  • Develop confidence in using the Chinese language
  • Enjoy collaborative learning in a fun and active learning environment


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