Charming the Python

Python Coding

3 lessons
3 hours each lesson
Suitable for ages 13+
Max of 10 students per lesson
Total Cost: $198 (AKLC Student); $396 (Public) *Prices exclude GST

What to Expect

Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. In this course, students would learn about the principles and concepts behind programming, the structure of Python language, and gain hands-on experience through creating simple projects. In addition, students would gain the ability to analyse issues and problems logically and solve them systematically.

Dates of Lessons

All lessons will be held at our Novena branch.

Lesson 1: Hello world!!Monday 29/51 pm - 4 pm
Lesson 2: Learning to SlitherTuesday 30/51 pm - 4 pm
Lesson 3: Facing the DangersWednesday 31/51 pm - 4 pm
Lesson 1: Hello world!!Tuesday 11/74 pm - 7 pm
Lesson 2: Learning to SlitherWednesday 12/74 pm - 7 pm
Lesson 3: Facing the DangersThursday 13/74 pm - 7 pm

Things to bring

We would be providing the laptop to the students. You may choose to bring in your own laptop. Do call in to tell us what is the Operating System of the laptop you are bringing in. This is so that we can provide the appropriate programming platform.

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