Science Tuition

Our Science tuition (Science Mastery™)  programme is an experiential learning programme specially developed to help students in Singapore develop a love for learning Science and reach their highest learning potential in PSLE Science.

“I do not know how to help my child for his Science paper as I do not know what the scientific words are!”

My child is not learning the relevant topic at this current tuition centre!”

If you are having such concerns, it’s time to look into our programme. Unlike other programmes that focus on drilling students with memorizing facts that stifle their natural curiosity, we know different schools are learning different themes. Thus the programme has a customised curriculum where all topics will be covered and prepared for their exams in school. We focus on enriching students with Science knowledge beyond their textbooks, in order to develop their analytical and application skills in Science.

In our science tuition, Students will be taught techniques to construct sentences for open-ended questions from beginning and be drilled on the usage of scientific words for open-ended question and common misconception will be covered with the children to enhance their understanding and prepare them for higher-order thinking questions.

What will my child gain from Science Mastery™?

In each lesson, students will learn to apply processing and answering techniques in preparation to excel in PSLE Science. Incorporating 21st century learning processes and the Socratic questioning approach, the Science Mastery programme integrates engaging videos and interactive activities that focus on the students’ development of critical reasoning skills and answering techniques.

Through the Science Mastery programme, your children will:

  1. Retain key scientific words though fun and interactive activities
  2. Develop critical analytical skills in comprehending science questions or even higher order thinking questions
  3. Apply good answering techniques to excel in PSLE Science
  4. Create visuals to help students comprehend the context better
  5. Construct sentence structures effectively consisting of scientific words and appropriate science concept.
  6. Learn to gather information and present findings/ theory through constructive discussions.

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If you would like to find out what is covered in each level, read on below!
Science Mastery Primary 3

Science Mastery Primary 3

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Science Mastery Primary 4

Science Mastery Primary 4

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Science Mastery Primary 5

Science Mastery Primary 5

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Science Mastery Primary 6

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Secondary 1 Science Mastery

Secondary 1 Science Mastery

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