English Mastery Primary 2

English Mastery for Primary 2 is designed to build your child’s foundation and develop their literacy and writing skills. During these weekly 2-hour lessons, your child will learn to:

  • Expand on their phonics recognition; differentiate sounds through letter blends, segmentation, and substitution. 
  • Gain communicative skills and confidence through a weekly discussion in class.
  • Develop writing readiness and identify the various features of the written text in line with MOE’s guidelines.
  • Use paragraphing in their composition.
  • Adjusting the reading rate to effectively check for meaning.
  • Develop social skills through oral interactions among classmates and language games.
  • Recognise and increase their personal vocabulary work bank and master the corresponding sounds of various digraphs.
  • Read, write, speak and listen through the STELLAR method.


Your child will be taught new strategies in our English tuition classes and put them to use with in-house curriculum crafted by our team of experienced teachers. These strategies are designed to complement the MOE syllabus and enhance students' learning.


Our students will learn to apply these newly acquired strategies through 4 phases:

  1.    Demonstrate – Teacher do
  2.    Guided discovery – We do (teacher and students)
  3.    Collaboration – Students do (group)
  4.    Self-practice – You do  
English Mastery Primary 2