English Mastery Primary 6

Primary 6 English Mastery is designed to focus and hone your child's language skills for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). The major learning objectives of our English tuition classes are designed to hone in on the two most common needs students have: writing effectively, descriptively and creatively (composition), and reading for understanding (comprehension). Listening and oratory skills are taught throughout this course as well.

This English tuition programme is purely exam focused and aims to help your child achieve maximum mark gains in the shortest available time. During these weekly 2-hour English tuition lessons, your child will learn to:

  • Build strong content for composition. (Alternate plot lines, Strong introductions, M.F.H.D. Conclusion Strategy)
  • Understand and analyse how compositions are scored.
  • Analyse various Paper 2, 3 and 4 sections using our in-house strategies. (Reiteration of Spelling Rules, Annotation Strategy, RAFCR Strategy, Discussing context, Question Analysis & Teacher's expectations etc.)
  • Use the K.W.L. (Know, Want to know, Learnt) method for effective reflection on any type of text.


Your child will be taught other useful strategies as well and put them to use with in-house curriculum crafted by our team of experienced teachers. These strategies are designed to complement the MOE syllabus and enhance students' learning.


Our students will learn to apply these newly acquired strategies through 4 phases:

  1.    Demonstrate – Teacher do 
  2.    Guided discovery – We do (teacher and students)
  3.    Collaboration – Students do (group)
  4.    Self-practice – You do
English Mastery Primary 6