English Mastery Secondary 1

English Mastery for Secondary 1 builds your child's foundations for the secondary school English Language curriculum. Aligned with the MOE syllabus, our English tuition classes cultivate students’ language skills to cope with assessments in reading for understanding, writing and representing as well as speaking and presenting. During these weekly 2-hour lessons, your child will learn to: 

  • Cope with the assessment criteria for Secondary 1 English language papers by using our easy to follow techniques and strategies.
  • Expand and develop one’s idea in writing and representing (Continuous writing for different text types like Narrative, Personal reflective, Discursive and Situational Writing using R.A.F.T.)
  • Handle different types of comprehension questions and summary writing
  • Translate their own thoughts into a coherent writing using an easy to understand structure.
  • Improve oral communications. (Reading aloud + Stimulus-based conversation)


Your child will be taught other useful strategies in our English tuition as well and put them to use with in-house curriculum crafted by our team of experienced teachers. These strategies are designed to complement the MOE syllabus and enhance students' learning.

Our students will learn to apply these newly acquired strategies in our English tuition through 4 phases.

  1.    Demonstrate – Teacher do 
  2.    Guided discovery – We do (teacher and students)
  3.    Collaboration – Students do (group)
  4.    Self-practice – You do
English Mastery Secondary 1