Chinese Mastery Secondary 1

This is our regular weekly Chinese tuition class.

This course is developed in accordance with the MOE syllabus and examination blueprint. Our programme differs in its focus on teaching skills and strategies of reading, writing and test taking instead of just working on assessment papers. For writing, we have included all the skills needed for writing school essays. Our trainers adopt an explicit approach to teaching where they model and demonstrate the strategies clearly to the students. In addition, we weave thinking skills into our lessons and nurture positive learning and thinking dispositions in students to facilitate successful learning.

Each lesson is conducted over a 2 hour period. During each lesson, students will be taught new strategies or will work on consolidating their use of the strategies taught. Trainers will demonstrate how to use the strategies and students will use them to accomplish given tasks. Practice assignments are given in class for students to complete so that the newly acquired skills are applied and assessed. Students are encouraged to reflect on each lesson and on their own learning.

Chinese Mastery Secondary 1