Science Mastery Primary 3

In Primary 3, every student is introduced to the world of Science. A world full of marvels and wonders. Our Science tuition programme eases the journey there.

Some students are overwhelmed with the sudden wave of scientific terms and answering techniques.

In AKLC, students will master science through discovery during learning journeys to learn about Science in depth in an interactive approach. Besides that, the students will master processing and answering techniques. Incorporating 21st century learning processes and the Socratic questioning approach, the Science tuition classes incorporate engaging videos and interactive activities such as Hot Seat and quizzes that focus on the students’ development of critical reasoning skills and answering techniques. Through the Primary 3 Science Mastery™ programme, your child will go through fundamental topics like Classification of Animals, Fungi and Materials etc:

  • Retain key information though fun and interactive activities
  • Develop critical analytical skills in comprehending science questions
  • Master presentation skills through group discussions via Scientific Terms.


Science Mastery Primary 3