Kindergarten 2 Junior Mastery Language and Literacy

The Junior Mastery™ Language and Literacy programme is designed for Kindergartners to progressively obtain knowledge in reading while enjoying the reading process and garnering a love for the language.

During these weekly 1-hour lessons, they will learn to:

- recognise common verb and noun

- read a text of 10 to 15 words

- write in the simple complete sentence of at least 3 to 5 words

- use simple punctuation like full stops and commas

- Improve penmanship by writing in consistent font size and on the line

Students will be taught new strategies and put them to use with in-house curriculum crafted by our team of experienced teachers. Strategies will be demonstrated and students will use them to accomplish given tasks. Practice assignments are given in class for students to complete so that the newly acquired skills are applied and assessed. These strategies are designed to complement the MOE syllabus and enhance students' learning.