The DSA-Sec Exercise was introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote holistic education and it allows students to gain early admission to a secondary school based on their achievements and talents before the release of the PSLE results.

Primary school students are seldom exposed to the development of necessary life skills beyond the academic field, with one of them being communications skill. Many outstanding students with incredible academic and CCA achievements have failed in their DSA applications and this largely stems from their inability to promote themselves effectively during the interview stage.

Worried about your child’s inadequate oral skills?

Feeling unsure about your child’s interview preparation?

Don’t fret! We’re here to help.

We all know how upper primary school students are nurtured in schools to develop strong traditional “hard” skills like writing, mathematics and science but have we realised their ineptitude in soft skills?

We need to face the truth that many of our Primary 5 and 6 children actually have weak communication and interpersonal skills, and efforts to improve them have been lacklustre. Also, preparing for (academic) interviews is probably the last thing on their minds.


Specially designed by experienced and inspiring trainers, our engaging DSA Interview Workshop aims to solve this problem and empower your child with the necessary skills to ace interviews confidently.

We know the differences between an average and excellent candidate in an interview: the structuring of thoughts, interpersonal skills and interview etiquette and the list goes on. Here at Adam Khoo Learning Centre, we will expose your children to intensive preparation to grow their strengths and develop necessary interview techniques in their journey to enter their dream secondary school.


Hear what our past participants say about our DSA Workshop:

“The DSA workshop taught me how to speak and pointed out all my mistakes without making me feel embarrassed. It was a good learning experience for me as I could not only see others respond to some questions, but also find out what are some common but tricky questions. It had me well prepared for my interviews with Raffles Girls’ Secondary (RGS) and Nanyang Girls’ High (NYGH), and I eventually successfully DSA into both schools. If you don’t understand anything, the teachers will be there to help you.” – Athena Hou

“It is interesting and it thought me how to tackle unexpected DSA questions!” – Astron Shang Zhe Shuo

“I enjoyed the workshop because it was really helpful and I learned so many new techniques that I think will allow me to do better than those who did not attend DSA Interview Workshops. On the overall, I liked it because I found out a little more about myself.” – Sharrifah Aisyah Aljunied

Still just not sure if your child needs this workshop? Find out in seconds, for free!

This workshop is an investment, but is it the right investment? We at AKLC have designed a short 2 minute questionnaire to test your child’s interview performance Based on interview techniques like contextual-awareness, self-presentation and maturity of thought, this brief quiz will accurately judge your child’s capabilities.

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Structure coherent personalised answers to expected and unexpected interview questions. We have devised an original approach S-I-P-P-A to solve such questions, classified into 5 different categories: School Life, Interests/Hobbies, Personality, Personal Details, and Aspirations, as well as techniques to tackle uncommon questions.

  • Overcome their fear of interviews by a suite of techniques both psychologically and physiologically
  • Understand school expectations to better promote themselves in an outstanding yet humble manner
  • Learn interview etiquette that can and will make a huge difference in their interviews
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