The DISCOVERING THE WORLD programme enables kindergarteners to discover the world through stories and activities to develop an enquiring mind and a positive attitude towards the world.

Through a motivating and energizing 21st century skills infused learning environment, kindergarteners will immerse in small groups themed on topics like environmental conservationism and respect for cultural diversity. Lessons would also include fun filled thematic activities, so kindergarteners will also be given ample opportunities to discover and discuss about the world of environmental and social sciences; giving them a head start to primary school education.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Q. What is the Discovering the World, Junior Mastery™ Programme all about?
A. The Discovering the World, Junior Mastery™ Programme is about promoting knowledge and understanding of the world at large among preschoolers. The programme will inculcate in students an interest in the immediate and extended environment. The topics are diverse and students will be guided to develop an enquiring mind and a positive attitude towards the world and its contents. Beyond simplified content of the physical sciences, students will also be introduced to social science concepts. Students will engage in ideas such as environmental conservationism and respect for different cultures to help them interact with the world in a constructive manner.

Q. Is Discovering the World, Junior Mastery™ Programme a Science Module?
A. The programme has been developed to introduce both physical and social science concepts to preschoolers. Students will learn biological
science ideas such as life cycles of animals and physical science ideas such floating and sinking. They will also be exposed to social science concepts such as engaging in environmental protection. The key idea of the programme is facilitate an enquiring mind at an early age in the students.

Q. Why is learning Discovering the World important for my child at such a young age?
A. Preschoolers learn through interconnected means; one learning area often overlaps others. Discovering the World is vital for early learners as it helps them to categorize and understand their growing knowledge of the world and draw links between different learning areas. The concepts learnt in Discovering the World sets a foundation for scientific thought and social awareness in young children. This is why Discovering the World is one of the 3 cognitive developmental domains of preschool education. MOE has recognized the importance of this learning domain and placed it on the same level as other learning areas such as Language and Literacy, Numeracy and Motor Skill development in its preschool curriculum framework.

Q. What will my child learn in each 1-hour session?
A. Each session in the 40-week programme will have theme-based activities to teach diverse topics in a systemic manner. The lessons are derived from a thorough syllabus created specifically for this programme. Students will be exposed to physical science and social science ideas, model building, charting, mapping and many more activities to increase their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Students will also reinforce the concepts they have learnt by doing worksheets integrated with the activities.

Q. Will my child be given homework? Why?
A. At the end of each session, students may receive an activity-based extension worksheet that they can complete at home. This is to ensure that concepts learnt during the enrichment lesson are reinforced in the students’ minds. This also encourages students to engage independently and with responsibility in their own education.

Q. How will my child be prepared for Primary 1 by going to Discovering the World, Junior Mastery™ Programme?
A. The Discovering the World programme will overlap the English and Mathematical syllabus and tie the all the knowledge students have obtained together to form a whole package. Ideas learnt here can be used across different disciplines and help the students manage primary education in a wholesome manner and open their mind to acquiring knowledge.


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