Scratch – Arduino

Have you wondered what makes the drone fly? Have you wondered what is behind the shell and casing of cars and robots? Have you wondered how do electrical appliances such as your TV and microwave respond to your instructions? Wonder no further! Come join AKLC’s...

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Secondary 1 E Math Algebra Mastery Workshop

Algebra is arguably the biggest Mathematics shock that a newly minted Secondary 1 student will face. At Adam Khoo Learning Centre where we have trained and coached more than 50,000 students over the past 10 years, it is not uncommon for us to listen to the woes of...

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O Level Trigonometry Exam Revision Workshop

Are you suffering from Trigono-ME-TRYing syndrome?  Problems remembering the 18 and more trigonometry identities? Problems in applying ASTC Problems in proving trigonometry identities in less than 6 steps. Problems in visualizing R-Formula application questions....

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Young Coders Bootcamp™

Young Coders Bootcamp™ 2017 – Coding Classes during the March Holidays! Advancing and evolving technology has and will continue to disrupt the world that we live in, resulting in automation of all types of routine jobs. To be successful, we must master the...

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Direct School Admission (DSA) Interview Workshop 2017

The DSA-Sec Exercise was introduced by the Ministry of Education to promote holistic education and it allows students to gain early admission to a secondary school based on their achievements and talents before the release of the PSLE results. Primary school students...

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