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The Maths Mastery™ High Achievers (MMHA) programme is available for students who have a strong foundation in Mathematics and are looking beyond learning concepts in schools.

Unlike ordinary Maths tuition classes which would only focus on the student’s preparation for the PSLE and thus teach based on what is expected of them at the PSLE level, the MMHA™ programme is designed to guide our talented Primary 5 and 6 students in accelerating and deepening their Maths knowledge beyond the Primary Syllabus, while maintaining the trajectory towards an A-star for PSLE Maths.

This has become particularly crucial for students who are looking to DSA to some of the top IP schools in Singapore as the Maths admission tests, in general, do not assess candidates on the usual PSLE-type of questions.

Socratic Method

Through the use of the Socratic Method, which is used in leading integrated programme (IP) schools, students in the MMHA programme will have a chance to stimulate their critical thinking as they ruminate upon challenging ideas and discussions. This approach can guide them to a smoother transition to the IP maths level. In addition, students will learn to solve a wide range of challenging Maths problems using the ATM® Method in their preparation for PSLE.

Your child will be mentored by our highly-qualified and experienced trainers who are keenly aware of the learning needs of talented Primary students. He/She will be coached on, among others:

  • advanced algebraic techniques
  • advanced heuristics
  • patterns & sequences (which is a typical component in DSA Maths admission test).

MMHA™ will provide the sought-after opportunities to explore Maths in greater depth and with a stronger passion!

MMHA™ Admission Criteria*

  • at least 85% in SA2 in the preceding academic year
  • at least 80% in AKLC MMHA™ Proficiency Test
  • for existing AKLC students, trainer’s recommendation is required

*Fulfilment of these criteria does not guarantee a placement in our MMHA™ programme.

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