primary-maths-mastery-photoMathematics is one of the most important subjects in school that your child needs to master. It is true that someone good at Mathematics can solve problems more readily in real life.

However, there is no systematic thinking process both in school or in basic maths classes for kids that teaches your child to become better, if not a genius, at Maths. Those who have been failing are not stupid, they lack a good strategy. Those who are doing average are giving marks away because they do not have a strategy for success.

How is Maths Mastery™ different from other programmes?

We are different from other Primary Maths tuition. Using no more than 5 steps with the Arrow Transfer Model (ATM)® Maths method taught in Adam Khoo Learning Centre, all your children’s primary school mathematics woes will disappear!

By teaching students to simply use arrows, colours, shapes and directions to solve the seemingly difficult-to- understand questions, the Arrow Transfer Model (ATM)® Maths method effectively helps eliminate the language barrier that used to make Maths questions a mind- boggling challenge.

Not only that, this method allows students to maximise the use of both their left and right brains. It is a simple yet unique system that benefits both the strong and weaker students, not only in scoring the A* they deserve for PSLE Maths but at the same time ensuring they gain the confidence that will help pave their way smoothly into Secondary school and beyond.

What students associate with Maths are now solutions; no longer will Maths be seen as problems. Mathematics is simply enjoyable and easy with the way Math classes are conducted at Adam Khoo Learning Centre.

Consistent with our strategic focus on learner-centred education and in part meeting the increasing demands from parents looking for greater challenge for their children who are consistently in the top 5% of their cohort, we develop the Maths Mastery HA curriculum for Primary 5 and Primary 6 maths students where there are greater focus on stretching students in the top 5% cohort.

Through this programme, your children can finally:

  • Develop speed and accuracy, even in solving difficult maths questions
  • Tackle tough problem sums confidently
  • Eliminate careless mistakes
  • Understand difficult concepts more easily


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What Some Of Our Students Are Saying…



AKLC Enabled Me to Transform My Maths Grades from 56 to A!

At AKLC, whenever I did not understand certain steps or questions, I could always count on my trainer to do his best to explain until I was able to solve the problem sum. I am very happy and grateful to my trainer and would like to thank AKLC for providing me with a positive learning environment that enabled me to transform my Maths grades from C to A!

Bryan Ong Jia Jin
Temasek Primary School
Student of AKLC since 2012

T Nishitha


I Can Now Solve Difficult Maths Questions & Score A* for Maths!

Like many others, I suffered a drop in my Maths grades and my self-confidence was at a low during Primary 5. The turning point came when my parents enrolled me for Maths Mastery™ classes at Adam Khoo Learning Centre. There, I learnt to apply powerful methods like Arrow Transfer Model® Maths and ACL strategy to the same questions which I could not solve previously. I am proud to share that my results improved during Prelim and I scored A* eventually for my PSLE Maths!

T Nishitha
Admiralty Primary School
Student of AKLC since 2012

Richard Aw


My Maths Grade Jumped from 57.5 to A!

At Adam Khoo Learning Centre, my trainer really motivated me to learn many useful techniques to solve Maths problem sums. Gradually, I became more confident as I began to apply these techniques in school and my speed and accuracy in solving problem sums improved. Thank you AKLC for helping me to improve my Maths grade to “A” in PSLE!

Richard Aw Duan Jun
Woodgrove Primary School
Student of AKLC since 2012

Pan Yan Xin


Thank You! My Maths Grade Jumped from 56 to A!

I used to get C grades for my Maths exams. After my parents signed me up for Maths Mastery™ lessons at Adam Khoo Learning Centre, I began to learn powerful methods like ”Speed Model” to solve Maths problem. I applied these methods of problem solving during PSLE and scored an A for my PSLE Maths! I am thankful to my parents, AKLC trainers and classmates for encouraging me along the way.

Pan Yan Xin
Northland Primary School
Student of AKLC since 2012

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