Secondary Maths Tuition Centre - Students 2Maths Mastery™ is a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system that uses the HEIR – “HOOK”, “EXPLORE”, “INQUIRE” and “REINFORCE and REFLECT” LEARNING MODEL” to impart mathematical skills to students.

Unlike the usual Secondary Maths tuition, your child will be taught the latest accelerated learning and experiential learning techniques that allow him to understand the purpose behind every skill/technique, and be empowered to develop new skills to solve the problem or event; eliminating the need for hard memory work, and in the process become the “mathematician” themselves by understanding and constructing new knowledge.

The “HEIR MODEL” allows the child to acquire powerful inquiry, exploratory mathematical skills with minimal effort. Scoring “A”s will be the natural fruit of such a powerful learning process.

Secondary 1 Maths can be challenging as students are transiting from primary to secondary, where it may be hard to adapt to the change in difficulty of the subject. Using our learning techniques, we strive to smoothen the transition for secondary 1 students, helping them to cope with the changes.

Secondary 4 Maths is important for students taking their O Levels. The methodology that we use at AKLC is different from the usual O Level Maths Tuition.

Compared with other Sciences, Maths is considered as a “DRY” subject with lots of formulas and lots of regurgitation. At AKLC, we make the subject interesting by LINKING new knowledge from past experiences familiar to students and helping them construct new knowledge through an inquiry, self-exploratory process. In this way, students learnt without much memory work. The mathematical results were mere “common sense” and problem solving becomes a natural process.

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