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Maths Mastery - Solving Maths Problems

Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC) Maths Mastery is designed with our young and very young learners in mind – using a suite of specially created platforms to enhance their learning attention span, together with real-world examples to excite their passion for Math – by engaging them through a multi-pronged approach that is sensitive and responsive to a mixture of learning needs.

More than just a learning centre, AKLC is a vibrant community, comprising trainers and students who share a common love for teaching and learning. Many trainers and students (including alumni), and even their parents, have gone on to build long-lasting friendships that transcend mere academic successes.

“Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – Albert Einstein

A Unique Math Learning Roadmap

Our Maths Mastery is backed by patented research and years of Math experience from Trainers with sought-after degrees from University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics, National University of Singapore, National Technological University, just to name a few.

Certainly, good qualifications do not necessarily equate to quality instruction. However, when complemented with our unique Math learning roadmap, the learning outcomes are phenomenal!

This is best described by the numerous PSLE, GCE N-Level and GCE O-Level distinctions we have produced in the past decade! 

Then why do students have problems improving their Maths?

We believe that there is no systematic thinking process in school that challenges your children to become better, if not a genius, at Maths. At the same time, those who have been failing are not stupid, they lack a good strategy. Those who are doing average are giving marks away because they do not have a strategy for success.

From our years of experiences motivating students to reach their highest learning potential in Maths, we learnt that students had a difficult time making meaning from all the “Drilled” skills in Maths. Compared with other Sciences, Maths is considered as a “DRY” subject with lots of formulas and regurgitation.

How is Maths Mastery™ different from other programmes?

Our students aged 6 to 16 develop mastery of mathematics concepts and skills required at each level of the Maths Mastery™ programme, with Arrow Transfer Model as a pictorial teaching methodology and Socratic Questioning as a scaffold to their Maths understanding in depth and breadth.

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Finally with Maths Mastery™, your children can:

  • Solve all maths problem sums within 3-5 steps
  • Develop speed accuracy in maths problem solving
  • Eliminate careless mistakes
  • Experience smooth transition from primary to secondary school
  • Be empowered to develop new problem solving skills

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