The NUMERACY programme enables kindergarteners to discover the world of mathematics contextual to their daily lives; while building the prerequisite mathematical and logical sequencing skills for early primary schoolers.
Through a motivating and energizing 21st century skills infused learning environment, kindergarteners will immerse in small groups activities to build their visual spatial skills in comprehending geometrical shapes and patterns.
Through fun filled, thematic activities, kindergarteners will also be given ample opportunities to build their understanding and application of the four operations to simple problem sums; giving them a head start to primary school education.

Q. What is the Numeracy, Junior Mastery™ Programme all about?
A. The Numeracy programme is about enriching preschoolers with mathematical knowledge through thematic, activity-based lessons. Beyond numbers, students will progressively learn to recognize simple relationships and patterns and geometrical and spatial ideas. Students will be taught to use simplified mathematical concepts in their daily lives. Through the Kindergarten 2 programme, in particular, students will be given a head start in primary Mathematics education through exposure to various curriculum activities.

Q. How does the Numeracy Junior Mastery™ Programme at Adam Khoo Learning Centre differ from other learning centres?
A. We believe that the Numeracy, Junior Mastery™ programme is unique and innovative in its approach to teaching mathematics. Our programme blends several learning areas together to teach mathematical concepts in a complete manner. The lessons are all activity-based. The theme of each lesson is integrated into the activities to teach specific mathematical concepts in way that is both engaging and comprehensible to preschoolers. The programme both reinforces current preschool mathematics curriculum and enhances students’ maths abilities beyond it.

The programme has a lot more to offer than just ‘worksheets’ and ‘practice’. The integrated maths activities will enable students to develop a love for maths and it also gives them confidence in building their math capabilities through multiple methods such as games and charts. However, worksheets will also be a foundational component of the lessons to reinforce the lesson goals.

Q. Is the Numeracy, Junior Mastery™ Programme in line with the MOE syllabus?
A. Yes. MOE has created a framework for preschool education by reviewing methodologies and curriculum in established preschools in Singapore. Our programme is created with clear reference to the MOE framework for preschool as well as the MOE Primary 1 syllabus as a guide for enhancement components.
Q. What will my child learn in each 1-hour session?
A. Each session in the 40-week programme will have theme-based activities to teach maths systemically. The lessons are derived from a thorough mathematical syllabus created specifically for this programme. Students will be exposed to enriched mathematical curriculum of the numbers, the four operations, patterning, measurements and more. Students will also practice the maths skills learnt by doing worksheets integrated with the activities. Through the Kindergarten 2 programme, in particular, students will be introduced to aspects of the Primary 1 Mathematics curriculum such as time and the concept of money as well.

Q. Will my child be given homework? Why?
A. At the end of each session, students may receive an activity-based extension worksheet that they can complete at home. This is to ensure that concepts learnt during the enrichment lesson are reinforced in the students’ minds. This is also to encourage students to engage independently and with responsibility in their own education.

Q. How will my child be prepared for Primary 1 by going to Numeracy, Junior Mastery™ Programme?
A. Through the Kindergarten 2 programme, in particular, students will be introduced to aspects of the Primary 1 Mathematics curriculum such as non-standard units of measurement, concepts of division and multiplication and more. This will provide preparation for the academic rigors of Primary 1 Mathematics education.


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