About Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Adam Khoo Learning Centre is the leading brand in the region with over 5000 students attending the English, Maths, Science, Chinese and Junior Mastery™ classes in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam. Many of the graduates return to our centres as teen coaches during school holidays, eager to play their inspiring parts in transforming the lives of their juniors.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre is established with the genuine belief that all children can achieve great things. The latest research in Brain-Based and Accelerated Learning has shown that everyone has the same learning potential! All that we have to do is give them the chance to unleash their full potential. By equipping them with the right tools in developing empowering beliefs and effective learning skills, this will pave their way to endless possibilities.

All children are naturally good learners. Think about how fast and well they learnt when they were much younger. The dynamics of learning how to walk is extremely complex, and yet, children are able to master it through their learning capabilities! What has since stifled their natural inquisitives of learning and creativity? It has been discovered that we all have, though similar potential, different learning preferences. As such, the traditional methodologies of instructions as well as the carrot-stick approach adopted might not be very effective. This has even caused some to build a mental block to learning and be totally unmotivated.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre’s enrichment programmes are specially designed to help students develop the motivation, confidence and effective learning skills to achieve top grades in English and Maths, Science and Chinese. We understand the motivating factors that will re-stimulate their minds and help them relearn learning by breaking old patterns. Learning takes on a whole different experience when perceptions are redefined here at Adam Khoo Learning Centre!