Does your child face these problems in preparation for PSLE?

    • Improper time management during examinations
    • Loss of marks due to careless mistakes in the Mathematics paper
    • Unable to handle English comprehension questions
    • Lack of answering techniques for Science questions

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Hear what our past participants say about PSLE Seminar:

“Before I joined the PSLE Seminar, I barely passed my examinations. The workshop helped me understand Maths questions better and the methods taught were easier to understand. It was fun and the trainers explained well. I would recommend this seminar to my friends as it is very helpful. “

Faruq Khan B.HK.

“AKLC’s PSLE Seminar had helped me score from E to C in my prelim; and scored an A for English in PSLE. The methods that AKLC used to teach were very useful and effective. The trainers are very inspiring and kind. Going to the PSLE Seminar was worth every cent. The duration was just right. The seminar also helps you work well with the others and meet new people. If there are any workshops, seminars or tuition classes, I will definitely choose ALKC!”

Pranavanesh Anbalagan

“AKLC’s PSLE Seminar was very helpful for me. The trainers changed my attitude towards Maths totally. I started to see Maths in a whole new light. The Science segment was really interesting as well. I was in P5 that time, hence I found it very helpful that I got to learn new things in advance. I would recommend this seminar for other students as it does not only teach you but it also motivates you and helps you reach your full potential.”

Kukan Anbalagan

“Before the seminar, my grades were on the average of my class and level. However, after the seminar, my grades improved to above average. During the seminar, I learned to plan my time wisely and be 100% focused when doing assignments or homework. I would recommend others to sign up for this programme as it will help them a lot.”

Celyn Chew

“When I attended the PSLE Seminar in June 2010, it was very enjoyable as there were interactions between the instructors and the students. The instructors were very proactive. At the Seminar, we learned tips on how to study and prepare ourselves for the PSLE. We also learned on what attitude we should have in order to succeed. To summarise, I enjoyed the PSLE Seminar as it was very fun and helpful.”

Amiruddin Asyraaf

“Before I went to the PSLE Seminar, I lacked confidence. However, after I attended the programme, my confidence level increased and I learnt a lot of things. My favourite part of the programme is the motivational talk as I needed motivation. I really recommend any student who wants to achieve to attend PSLE Seminar because it will change your life.”

S. Dhivya Dharishni

“During the PSLE Seminar, I learnt different skills and strategies, including Maths, English, Science and motivating myself towards reaching my goals. The trainers were very friendly, approachable and their lessons were very informative. They answered all the questions that had been lingering in my mind.”

Estene Cheong


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