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English is not like other subjects. It cannot be “studied” like other subjects or enhanced through rote memorization although reading widely helps. Working on assessment papers helps familiarise students with various aspects of the language test paper but does not contribute to deep learning and understanding of the language. To be better readers and writers, students need to build up a rich vocabulary and be introduced to nuances, literary formation and wordplay.

The English Mastery™ programmes are designed to focus on helping both Primary School & Secondary School students master the various reading and writing strategies so that they become more adept at understanding what they read and are more skilful in communicating their ideas through writing and speaking.

This programme developed by English expert Dr Cheah Yin Mee, builds upon the latest MOE syllabus and incorporates proven practices from her research coupled with more than 30 years of experience as an English language specialist and best-selling author.

How is English Mastery™ different from other programmes?

Unlike the usual Primary English tuition or Secondary English tuition, our programmes are distinctively different.

  • The teaching of specific reading comprehension strategies to ensure effective comprehension – We teach more than 8 core research-proven reading strategies.
  • The teaching of specific strategies for writing – We have analysed the criteria for good writing in school essays and we use these criteria to guide our teaching of writing skills. Students learn fun and memorable techniques to hone their writing skills in class.
  • The use of explicit teaching strategies – Our teachers teach explicitly and this means they show and demonstrate to students how to work on a strategy.
  • The incorporation of thinking skills and brain-friendly learning techniques to teach for understanding – We emphasise student learning as a goal and we track their understanding through the use of various thinking tools.
  • A fun and active learning environment that promotes collaborative learning – Our small classes ensure maximum attention to every child.

Through this English Enrichment, your children can finally begin to:

  • Develop a flair for creative and stylistic writing
  • Tackle English exams confidently
  • Improve their vocabulary
  • Build their self-confidence


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