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How is Maths Mastery™ different from other programmes?

Our students aged 6 to 16 develop mastery of mathematics concepts and skills required at each level of the  Maths Mastery™ programme, with BRIDGES as a pictorial teaching methodology and Socratic Questioning as a scaffold to their Maths understanding in depth and breadth (Primary Level) and a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system that uses the HEIR – “Hook”, “Explore”, “Inquire” and “Reinforce and Reflect” learning model to impart mathematical skills to students.

Finally with Maths Mastery™, your children can:

  • Solve all maths problem sums within 3-5 steps
  • Develop speed accuracy in maths problem solving
  • Eliminate careless mistakes
  • Experience smooth transition from primary to secondary school
  • Be empowered to develop new problem solving skills

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